Saturday, 13 May 2017

YEAR 3 - BA3b - Area variation

I tried to make all the areas in the game distinct both visually and mechanically. The only complete ones at this point in development are The Caves and Molten Core

The caves are designed to be the introductory area so I've kept the level designs as simple as possible without too many new environmental things to learn.
The caves has lots of blue and purple hues because I wanted them to feel cold and remote. They're dark but crystals and fireflies help to light up the space to make the caves an atmospheric first location.

The molten core is deeper into the planet and has larger spaces than the caves. Fireballs will be shooting out the lava vertically whilst the more open plan allows your opponents to rein fire on you from further away horizontally. The molten core is primarily red and orange because I wanted it to feel hot in contrast to the cold caves. The core is dangerous as even the ground itself is moving.

The peaks are lonely and at one of the highest points of the planet. A drop from this height will surely kill you so you better be careful where you step because the ground is covered in ice up here. The peaks has a lot of endless pits and open design so I consider it an advanced area. The peaks is mostly white, blue, and black as it's mostly frozen over.

The belly (organic) is still very much in development. I'm undecided exactly on which direction I want to take it but I intend to have much more rounded shapes, blood splatters and a moving environment. I'd like The Belly to be much more destructible than the other areas with plants growing inside it that release spores upon being shot. The spores affect the environment in a variety of ways, such as slowing down bullets that pass through and infecting walls with bouncy gel.

The environment will include lots of reds, pinks and black. Lot's of squishy sounds as the players walk along the ground and hidden traps in The Belly.

The infested ship will be mostly grey and green with patched of white parasites. It will include bits of machinery such as conveyor belts, and buttons that can open/close doors or switch the direction of conveyor belts. The infested ship is intended to be slightly less hostile than The Belly but just as interactive; an intermediate area with little or no endless pits.

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